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Schedule of Events

Conference Days

Friday, September 16, 2022

Location: Salle Petit Paris, French themed area – Europa-Park + ZOOM
12:00 Board Meeting (all Executive Board members)
14:00 Light Lunch Snack (all IMA members)
15:00 Annual General Members Meeting (all IMA members)

Location: Bodega, Hotel El Andaluz
19:00 Welcome Reception (all registered Monorailex conference participants)

Saturday, September 17, 2022

Location: Biblioteca Vasco da Gama, Hotel Santa Isabel + ZOOM

09:10Keynote Speech Paulo Sèrgio Amalfi Meca,
Director of Engineering and Planning, Metrô São Paulo
09:50P1 – The Role of Monorails in the Multimodal World of Future Mobility. Metrô São Paulo, Fogtec
10:30Coffe break
11:00P3 – Selection of a mass railway transport system for an urban area based on multicriteria analysis. Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
11:30P4 – Sustainability Due to Flexible Adaptation of Catamaran Bearings to Monorail Guideway Beam Conditions. Maurer
12:00P5 – Solving Special Aspects of Bearings Design for Monorail Structures. Mageba
12:30Lunch, sponsored by Hirun International
Restaurant Don Quichotte, Hotel El Andaluz
13:30P6 – Monitoring the Fitness of the Monorail Structural Bearings. Hirun International
14:00P7 – Condition based Maintenance for Door Systems in Rail Vehicles. Bode
14:30P8 – Retrofit and Facelifting of Monorail Systems. Derap
15:00Coffee Break
15:30P9 – Monorail Guideway – Subsystem Progressive Assurance. Peart Consultancy, Innova
16:00P10 – Civil works in monorail projects: Safety management in accordance with EN 50126. TÜV Rheinland
16:30In-house Exhibition
18:15Closing of Day One
18:45Transfer with EP-Express to Formal Dinner
Meeting point in the lobby of the Hotel Bell Rock
19:00Formal Dinner, sponsored by Derap, Fogtec, Innova
Location: Bistro Tomi Ungerer, French themed area

Sunday, September 18, 2022

Location: Biblioteca Vasco da Gama, Hotel Santa Isabel + ZOOM

08:00In-house Exhibition
09:00P11 – Research on linear adjustment of guideways of straddle monorail transit rigid frame system. Beijing Jiaotong University, Prof. Dr. Eryu Zhu
09:30P12 – Analysis of Greenhouse Gas Emission in Operation Phase of Metro and Monorail Transits in Chongqing China. Beijing Jiaotong University, Dr. Teng Li
10:00P13 – Contactless and Wheel independent Speed Measurement for ‘Mono’-rail Vehicle, HaslerRail
10:30Coffee Break, in the cloister
11:00P14 – Active Fire Protection Solutions in Monorail Systems – Opportunities and Challenges. Fogtec
11:30P15 – Signalling System: CBTC Technology Rubber Wheels onboard Odometry. Hitachi
12:00P16 – IMA Market Study on Monorail System Worldwide. SCI Verkehr
12:30Lunch, sponsored by Beijing Jiaoting University,
Location: Restaurant Don Quichotte, Hotel El Andaluz
13:30P17 – Monorail in Pioneer – PATS Best Practice in Wuhu, China. PATS Puzhen Alstom Transportation Systems
14:00P18 – Cairo Monorail – Project Overview and Advancements in Design and Construction Technology. Hill International
14:30P19 – Cairo Monorail Lines between Concept and Reality 2022. Innova
15:00P20 – IMA Performance Specification for a Turnkey Mass Transit Monorail System. IMA
15:30Closing of Day Two
Coffee Break
16:00Technical Guided Tour Europa-Park at the Attractions „EP-Express“ and „Monorail“ incl. Round Trip, approx. 2h
19:00Closing Dinner, sponsored by Derap, Fogtec, Innova
Location: Restaurant Harborside, Hotel Bell Rock

Technical Visits Days

Monday, September 19, 2022

Locations: Rust, Nuremberg
08:00 Start from hotel, Bus transfer to Nuremberg
13:00 Arrival in Nuremberg
14:00 Visit of VAG Nürnberg, Headquarters / GoA4 Metro System
18:00 Brewery Tour
19:00 Beer Garden Dinner

Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Locations: Nuremberg, Berlin
09:00 Visit of DB Train Museum
13:01 Transfer to Berlin with ICE Highspeed Train ICE 1004
15:51 Arrival in Berlin Main Station
– Individual Leisure Time –

Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Location: Berlin
09:00 Visit of InnoTrans 2022, the world‘s largest trade fair for transport technology
10:00 Start of Guided Tour, IMA Booth (Hall 4.2, #100)
12:00 End of Guided Tour

– End of Monorailex 2022 –



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